If Cans Could Talk

We don’t hesitate to take the “big things” to God, but what about the really little things–the things that are not important to anyone but us? Does God care about those? Crimson crept into my cheeks, and I glanced around sheepishly. Of course, no one had heard me since I was alone in the car, … More If Cans Could Talk

Wounded by a Friend

Imagine the darkest day of your life. You are stunned, almost paralyzed as you try to make sense of your worst nightmares that have just become reality. As you see your friends walk up to your door, a twinge of comfort reaches your numb spirit. Finally, someone to share your grief! They embrace you warmly … More Wounded by a Friend

The Perfect Friend

It was at lunch when I was in lower elementary—probably about first grade. My best friend Michelle noticed the delicious homemade treat my mom had packed for me, and she wanted it. I didn’t see any reason to give her my dessert. After all, I could see she had her own dessert in her lunch … More The Perfect Friend

Peace, Be Still!

Bolts of lightning streaked the wide prairie sky. We waited in our garage for a break in the downpour so we could dash to the car. Suddenly an eerie glow lit the sky, and we heard a deafening crash followed by a sizzling sound. Simultaneously, the garage light turned itself on brightly and then went … More Peace, Be Still!